Two Great TED Talks About Careers

I wasn’t even looking talks on career advise, but upon hitting the play button on Charlie Hoehn’s TEDx presentation I was hooked. YouTube was kind enough to offer the second gem from Jenny Blake after I finishing the first. If you want great career advise, don’t take it from me, but these two folks seem to have figured something out.

Charlie Hoehn — The New Way to Work

Jenny Blake — The Career in the Age of the App

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4 Responses to Two Great TED Talks About Careers

  1. Jenny Blake says:

    Thanks so much David!! So happy that you stumbled upon our talks…I loved Charlie’s too :) Honored to be served up right after his!

  2. Tommie Riechman says:

    If you are contemplating what you want to do when you leave school or further education a great piece of advice is to do something that you are passionate about. You are going to be working a long time and you are now in a position of power. By laying down some carefully planned foundations now, you will be able to start out your working life, doing a job that inspires you and is interesting to you. Fashion is an interesting subject to choose for many reasons. One of the advantages of taking up a career in fashion is that there are so many branches to the subject and different roads you can choose to go down. ”

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